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Summer 2017

ZANSHIN, Summer 2017

There are a few sayings that have stuck with me over the years: ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger’ by Friedrich Nietzsche; ’The real test of good manners is being able to put up with bad manners’ by Kahlil Gilbran and ‘There is no growth without crisis’ by…myself. One of a Kancho’s responsibilities is to ensure the quality and standards of his/her ‘house’ (Kan) are continually improving. As every practicing Black Belt knows, improvement is a slow, often tiered, process. We can sometimes train diligently for months…or years...before seeing a jump of improvement. Our recent YOSHUKAN TEEN CAMP and YOSHUKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION BLACK BELT CAMP were two ‘checkpoints’ in time to review our progress and areas of improvement...